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If you received the e-mail that has sent you here – it is for one reason  - simply to say thank you.

For the last 15 years I have been given so much opportunity working with or for you, on your homes or businesses and the majority of it all here in our corner of Norfolk.

I would like to take this opportunity to say to those that we have worked with once and to the others we have continued to work with, some for the whole 15 years, it is has ultimately been an absolute pleasure helping with your ambitions and ideas. Of course we have faced challenges during the process, not all the time thankfully, and also I have had to face personal challenges, like we all do, but so many of you have been incredibly kind and supportive, personally and regards our working relationship.


This is not a farewell speech  - far from it. This is a “to the next 15 years” and here we go…


Ross has come into the business and is leading the way with regards a fresh approach to design, building on what we have already delivered. He is a qualified Architect and so we now operate as Strata Architects (the web site title already belongs to a practice in Seattle – if you ever should need any work doing in the Seattle area, call us first please!).

And on this I would like you all to see our new  - actually first!!! – website.


Some of you will see the work we have completed together on the website. We have decided to be selective to give a good range of what we do and not to flood the website with too many projects.

If anyone would like to – I really would appreciate some kind words – if not so kind, I probably deserve it! I would like to have something comparable to testimonials on the website but maybe more integrated than simply a page where my favourite clients just simply say how wonderful I am! But if you insist???


So – what next? Well, that really depends on you – the people we are fortunate to work with.


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