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How we work


Preparation & Brief

Following our initial visit and agreeing fees, you have made the decision to work with us! (which is great btw) We will now gather relevant site information; this may include a site survey and ordinance survey data, and we'll identify the need for any approvals or 3rd party specialists and confirm your requirements with you


Concept Design

This is where we begin to work our magic! We will take your requirements and create some concept design solutions in a sketch proposal form for you to consider. We'll chat through the options with you to make sure you decide on a scheme that you are happy with!


Developed Design

Having agreed on the concept, we will then produce detailed design information suitable for a Planning Application and liaise with the planning department throughout the process on your behalf to achieve the best outcome.


Technical Design

Congratulations! You've just had your planning application approved. Now we can move on to prepare the technical drawings and a specification of works for a building regulations application. It's at this stage you may require a Structural Engineer and/or a Party Wall Specialist. It's also the stage when you might want to find a contractor....

Already know who you want to use? Great.
Want us to manage the tender process for you? No problem!
Simply want a list of local contractors? We've got that covered too.

We are here to advise and guide you as you need.



The time has come to start on site. We offer 'full contract administration' service, a 'light touch' service or simply 'leave it in your capable hands' service... we'll keep in touch regardless to find out how you're getting on!


Handover & Close Out

Need some interior design help or a beautiful presentation book showcasing your journey to your dream home? Just ask. Finally, we'd love to know what you think of our services and how we might improve - so we'd appreciate it if you could leave a testimonial on one of our social media platforms please.

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