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About Us

Strata Architects are an RIBA chartered practice founded in 2007 with a studio based in Thornham on the Norfolk Coast.

We design spectacular residential properties, bespoke new homes, work sensitively with heritage buildings and undertake commercial architectural developments throughout Norfolk and across England.

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Jason Law

I use to visit my father’s family in America during holidays as a teenager. I thought I wanted to be a playwright but then visited the city of Chicago with my grandpa. I could not but help keep looking at the high rises and the details, encouraged by my grandpa also. I also worked for my father near to New York City and met two architects with amazing houses – one with an orange tree in the middle of the house and the other with a revolving bookcase in his home office – I wanted to be an architect…


I studied at Oxford Brookes and was inspired by spires – fantastic architecture spanning from the 11th Century to the 21st  - and took my first post graduate office job in Hong Kong – quite a contrast. In Hong Kong I worked on the new Disney Park and Hong Kong became a very special place for me  - both of my daughters were born there and now live there.

I set up Strata in 2007 – became a dad in 2007  - and started a 10 year spell in local politics that year. I had the ambition to be an MP – still do – but need to keep my hands on the wheel at work at the moment.


Ross Simpson

It may sound strange but being an Architect is the only job i've ever wanted to do....I was first introduced to Architecture at the age of 10 when my parents bought a collection of old farm buildings in  Derbyshire complete with resident cows and told me that it was to be our new home – The Architect we used was great and was open to us all having an input, I got to have a say in how and where I wanted my bedroom to be -  I was hooked!

I studied in Leeds and worked for 15 years in the heart of the City Centre for large commercial practices and in more recent years set up my own small practice prior to joining Strata. I qualified as a Chartered Architect in 2010 after 7 years of studying. My family and I moved ‘back’ (my wife is a Norfolkian) to Norfolk 3 years ago via a year spent in the South of France where my mum lives and we love it here. We have 2 kids, a very fluffy cat and live 5 minutes walk from the beach so we’re outside a lot, a complete departure from our old life in Leeds.  


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